The Exhibitions

The history of the police is presented within the context of the development of the State of Israel, the challenges which the police faced over the years, and the main events in which it took part.

The museum includes unique historical artifacts, state of the art multimedia presentations and quality guidance, suited to each group of visitors; Israelis and tourists, adults and children.

The display is divided into seven historical periods:

Early Beginnings – The first Jewish defense organizations and the British Palestine Police Force (1907-1948).

Foundation Years – The establishment of the Israel Police and its activities during the first decade of the State of Israel’s existence (1948-1958).

Professional Training & Expansion – The “Nachmias Reforms” and the activity of the police until the early 1970s (1959-1972).

Dual-Purpose Police Force – The assigning of responsibility for the internal security to the Israel Police and its implications (1973-1980).

Difficult Times – The Police between wars, Intifada and economic crisis (1981-1990).

The Challenges of War and Peace – Dealing with the political and the security implications of the Oslo Accords (1991-2000).

Into the 21st Century – The Israel Police and the challenges of the present and future.

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